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Reward Kids Pocketmoney on tasks

You can create tasks to your children and set milestones to award pocketmoney

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You can now assign tasks to your kids and release pocketmoney on achieving tasks


Understand Your Kids Better To Motivate

You can also assign small tasks like if your kid brushes without fail she will be given a small amount so that kids will be motivated to do task by themselves


Ease And Encourge Your Kids

You can always ask kids to complete tasks so that they will be rewarded on completion.

How It Works

Efficient Way of Teaching, No Shouting at Kids

There are many times you need to shout at your kids if they do not listen to you. Rather you can use WIMP to set goals and motivate them to achieve their pocketmoney

“Pocketmoney is a part of parenting and I did not want my kids to grow without knowing the value of money, they should know how we get money from their tender ages.”

- Dwayne S. Martinez

( Parent of 5yr Old, Bangalore )

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